Why Law Firms need Managed Service Agreements for Technology

Why Law Firms need Managed Service Agreements for Technology

Why Law Firms need Managed Service Agreements for Technology

Lawyers have to deal with the ever-increasing case workload that keeps them very busy. They are experts in law who sometimes work long hours to win client cases. However, they also need other services like technology to automate tasks, reduce redundancy, and collaborate with colleagues. That’s where managed service agreements come in.

A managed service agreement is a contract as a service that lets a law firm outsource IT services to a third party. The agreement is between an IT company and a law firm to provide all the technology services while lawyers focus on their cases.

For law firms that do not have a budget for in-house IT staff, the agreement lowers their operational cost and increases efficiency. So, what are the benefits of managed IT services?

Staying Current with Technology Matters

Technology is always changing, and staying current is what makes it beneficial to anyone or business. That means companies that offer managed IT services have experts who are up to date with the changes in the IT field.

Hiring these experts means your law firm will also enjoy the latest tools and technology they come with. They’ll also offer training and support to staff in your law firm. The IT professionals come with tools and current knowledge about technology trends like artificial intelligence. The AI tools increase document processing speed and enhance efficiency.

The experts also take time to understand the unique needs of your law firm and offer customized solutions.

System Maintenance and Upgrade

Managed service providers take the headache of dealing with software crashes or searching for and buying new compatible hardware off your shoulders. They regularly update software and come with all the necessary hardware to operate smoothly.

Whether your law firm operates in a physical, hybrid, or virtual environment, they’ll analyze your needs and come with all the equipment you need to process your cases. In virtual and hybrid situations, these professionals have equipment that enables them to monitor your law firm’s systems and keep them safe.

Information Security

The legal profession is a highly regulated field that requires a high level of data security, and managed IT experts are aware of this fact. They also know that client information you share online should not be accessible to unauthorized users. That’s why they use different methods of keeping your online and offline information secure.

Some of these methods include data encryption, firewalls, and end-point detection systems. The professionals also ensure they research and know all the possible ways hackers can penetrate your system and ways they can prevent such penetrations.

That’s not all. Managed service providers in the legal field familiarize themselves with data protection regulations. They’ll ensure you know what the federal government requires and update you on any new developments to avoid risky situations like lawsuits that can damage your firm’s reputation. Compliance also helps you avoid penalties that can cause financial losses.


Law firms can count on managed IT services agreements to take care of the technology that makes their work easier. They don’t have to waste time backing up data or installing the software. The experts handle it for them while ensuring they comply with all data privacy laws. Also, IT firms come with the latest tools that make work easy.