How Can A Construction Lawyer Help in Your Construction Business

How Can A Construction Lawyer Help in Your Construction Business

How Can A Construction Lawyer Help in Your Construction Business

Construction projects are often complex and require multiple parties to work together. This means you can easily fall into legal pitfalls if you are not careful. So, how do you avoid legal pitfalls?

The best thing is to outsource the services of construction lawyers. These lawyers will help you do the following:

Draft and negotiate construction contracts

A construction lien lawyer will help you draft a legally sound construction contract. This contract will be grounded in the following;

  • Jobsite conditions

  • Reasonable expectations

  • Proper notice requirements

  • Scheduling delays

  • Unforeseen circumstances

  • Insurance

In addition, the construction lawyer can help you to revise existing contacts. Also, they will negotiate the contract terms that are in your favor.

Represent you in case of breach of a contract

Whether you are a defendant/plaintiff, a construction lawyer can help you in many ways, including the following;

  • Establish whether the breach of contract occurred

  • Establish the options or remedies available

  • Determine whether the breach was material or not

  • Pursue appropriate legal actions

In short, a construction lawyer will look at all aspects involved in the contract. Then, they will devise practical ways to defend and prove your claim. If you go to court, the lawyers will also ensure successful outcomes.

Prepare and file a construction lien

A construction lien is a claim a subcontractor or a contractor makes against a property if they are not paid for work done. These liens are very important. Why? Because they are created to protect you from not being paid for service offers.

So, how does a construction lawyer come in handy during such cases? The construction lawyer will help you to prepare and file the construction liens. When is this possible? If you were not paid for materials or services rendered in a construction project.

Thus, a construction lawyer will help do the following;

  • Ensure you receive the promised total amount

  • Take civil action to help you recover any unpaid sums

  • Defend you if a claim for payment  is made against you

Submit construction claims

There are many claims that can be made during the life of a construction project. Thus, it is vital to have a lawyer in handy. Why? The construction lawyer can help with the following;

  • Submit claims for added time

  • Submit claims for added compensation

  • Represent you throughout negotiations or dispute resolution procedures

Submit claims for unforeseen circumstances, like design defects, unanticipated job site conditions, and disruptions/delays/interference with work.

Help with construction proposals

A construction lawyer can help you with IFB invitations for bidding, bidding for proposals, and other proposals. Also, they can help you interpret contract proposals and challenge unawarded proposals.

In Conclusion

A construction lawyer is available to help your construction business be as smooth as possible. They will offer you help in cases of breach of contract, drafting and negotiating contracts, submitting constriction claims, and filing construction liens. Note that as you search for a construction lawyer, it is always best to go for one who is experienced and has a positive reputation.